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Reach out to us with any questions you may have about our process, what we offer, or assistance with your own organization.


P.O. BOx 5736

Annapolis, MD 21403

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ways you can donate

Annapolis Cares is the fundraising arm for the Grants Giving program of ACF. Grants support new start/ups, requests from community groups or other non-profits, or to address special needs for education support, issues related to domestic abuse, mental health, and new crisis concerns.


Contributions to this program can be made by check or PayPal to ACF/ Annapolis Cares.

Contributions can also be made to an affiliate by check or PayPal to ACF/ name of affiliate.


Please indicate the name of the affiliate or fund you are supporting.


PO Box 5736

Annapolis, MD  21403


Have an Idea for a Project or Program?

The Annapolis Community Foundation was started 20 years ago to provide support for those who had great ideas for a non-profit project or program, but had no idea where to start.  Through fiscal sponsorship ACF provides administrative and legal support for those with ideas for new start-ups (not yet a non-profit ) to begin charitable fund raising.


For a small administrative fee, ACF will set up the structure you need to start your project, manage the administrative and financial back office tasks, and prepare all necessary State and Federal reporting requirements so you can focus on your goal.  Contact us below to discuss how we can help.

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